Dog Food Product Reviews

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Review of Artemis Dog Food
Artemis was a Greek goddess and was considered by the ancient Greeks to be the "Mistress of Animals." The pet food company named after her was established in 1998 in North Hollywood, California.Read More

Review of Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Blue Buffalo dog food was inspired by - you guessed it - a dog! The creators behind the brand, Bill and Jackie Bishop, were inspired when the health of their large-breed Airedale terrier named Blue took a downturn. Read More

Review of Canidae Dog Food
Canidae dog food was created to give pet owners an all-natural, healthy way to feed their pets. The company is big on responsible pet ownership and offers owner education along with its food varieties.Read More

Review of Darwin's Natural Selection Dog Food
If you've ever toyed with the idea of feeding your dog raw but been put off by the preparation and mess involved, then you'll be pleased to hear about Darwin's Natural Selections and ZooLogic meals.Read More

Dry Dog Food Review - DNA Dried-N-Alive Chicken Grain-free Dog Food
DNA Dried-N-Alive dog foods are available in a number of dog-healthy recipes, including...Read More

Review of Eagle Pack Dog Food
The origins of Eagle Pack foods go back to 1970 when the company worked with the owners of sled dogs to produce a food suitable for extremely active dogs. After several changes in ownership, the company was combined with other dog food manufacturers to create WellPet LLC.Read More

Review of Earthborn Holistic Dog Food
It's not often that a pet food company is so open about their concern for the environment, but Earthborn Holistic isn't exactly a typical pet food company. The company that offers both dog and cat foods even has a pledge to the environment.Read More

Review of Eukanuba Dog Food
A dog food that grew out of the 1940's jazz culture? Yep, that's Eukanuba. The brand of dog food - now included in the Proctor & Gamble family of products - started when the creator needed an unusual name to capture people's attention. Read More

Review of Evo Dog Food
Evo is manufactured by Natura Pet Products who take credit for producing the first ever low carbohydrate grain free dry food for pets. They feel that since dogs in the wild don't eat a lot of grain, why include it in their kibble? If you don't want to feed your dog raw, this may be a convenient and more hygienic alternative.Read More

Review of Halo Dog Food
What do dogs have in common with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Katherine Heigl? They all love Halo and promote it at every opportunity.Read More

Review of Hills Science Diet
These days, we pretty much do anything to make sure our pets are cared for with proper nutrition and healthcare. Sadly, that wasn't always the case. However, a forward thinking veterinarian - Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. - saw a different future for animal nutrition... Read More

Review of Holistic Select Dog Food
Holistic Select's unique selling position is their attention to detail when it comes to digestion of food. Read More

Review of Natural Balance Dog Food
The actor Dick Van Patten and his partners started manufacturing Natural Balance dog foods in 1989. Read More

Review of Orijen Dog Food
Founded in 1985 and boasting over 25 years of experience in the pet food industry, Orijen is manufactured in Alberta, Canada. Read More

Review of Purina Dog Food
Purina is one of the most recognized names in pet food, and for good reason: The brand has been around - in one form or another - for 110 years. In 1902, the Robinson-Danforth Commission was created in St. Louis as an animal feed company.Read More

Review of Royal Canin (brand)
In 1967, French veterinarian Jean Cathary was so fed up with the quality of dog foods available on the market that he created his own brand, the regal-sounding Royal Canin. Read More

Review of Wellness (brand)
Based in Massachusetts, the dog food we know as Wellness has only been in production since the 1990's.Read More

Review of AvoDerm Dog Food
AvoDerm is produced by Breeders Choice Pet Foods, a manufacturer of pet foods since 1947. AvoDerm was launched in 1982, in response to research that suggested that some ingredients in avocados...Read More

Review of Primal Raw Dog Food
Primal Raw is a relative newcomer to the dog food market, being established in San Francisco in 2001. They produce a range of raw foods for dogs based on...Read More